Open World is a virtual universe of digital marketing, populated with fictional characters but with real objectives and challenges related to digital marketing.

Open World is set in a technology dominated future, where the connection between human and car has become mandatory. It is a universe in which technology and communication go hand in hand and where new technological possibilities make marketing a constant presence in people's lives.

Open World is the universe of possibilities in digital marketing.

In the open world we look for the best marketing style through a series of marketing races organized by unique characters who belong to this imaginary universe.

The user becomes a marketing racer and will have to go through a series of marketing challenges, judged by different criteria, with increasing difficulty, to reach the top of the Open World hierarchy, the Apex, the elite circle of digital marketing and have access to the ultimate marketing race, the Open World Grand Prix.

Open world is a hybrid project composed of two realities: Open World and the results that the participants obtain. The two realities communicate through a portal, the 2Performant platform. The racers compete in the Open World universe through the results they obtain real-time on the platform.

The communication with the players registered in Open World will respect the hybrid concept of the universe and will be done through Telegram. Characters from the Open World universe will interact with players through the 2Performant portal, using the messaging application available.

In short, all that a player has to do to become a racer in Open World is to create an account in the OW universe, accept the Terms & Conditions, continue working in the 2Performant platform and stay in touch with Open World characters by phone. In this way, they will enter the races available for their level and will find out all information regarding their performance in Open World.

The story behind Open World

Open World is a virtual universe that has emerged from the need to create a structure, a different context for digital natives, an environment that motivates, keeps them fit and helps them perform better.

We understand that digital marketing has become so niched and has so many ramifications and specializations that the debate about the best digital marketing mix is ‚Äč‚Äčneverending.

Open world aims to tackle this debate using the underlying values of the 2Performant brand - freedom and transparency.

Each of the racers in Open World will have total freedom of action in the 2Performant platform and their results will count on their way through the routes in Open World.

After creating their Open World account, the player is automatically introduced into a heated marketing race, in order to get used to the format and communication within the game.

If the player moves on to the next level, they are faced with a choice between two routes, organized according to different metrics. Either choose THE HUMAN TOUCH - the digital marketing route that despite automation still has a human side to it or ANDROID SHUFFLE - a marketing route where the challenges are for the natural intelligence of digital natives but with the aid of artificial intelligence from the Open World universe.

After choosing the route they want to access towards the Apex, the player will go through races at increasing levels of difficulty that will give them one by one access to the supreme Black Friday race where they can win the grand prize.