Android Shuffle

Android Shuffle is a marketing race route through which you can reach Apex - the ultimate Open World race. Each race in this mode gives you access to the next level races. In order to pass to the next level you must complete the race’s objective in the designated time.

Along the way you will meet a series of androids with a high IQ that populate the 2Performant Open World universe and that will give you access to increasingly difficult marketing races. The androids of Open World have a curious nature and want to test people's marketing knowledge and by fulfilling their challenges you can reach Apex, the ultimate Open World race. The androids you will meet along the way will test your digital agility, test your marketing methods with evidence based on the most varied metrics, from the number of sales to the value of weekly commissions.

Try Android Shuffle and discover through digital races the digital world of androids in the Open World. Activate your links. It’s race time in marketing.